Hello all,

Firstly I would like to thank you for recently taking the User Survey 2021, I have looked through all of the results and yes, there was ALOT of responses so I just want to quickly thank you all for taking the time to give me that feedback – it was most helpful!

In summary, the general response was that you like the simplicity and stability of the platform and didn’t want me adding too many “over the top changes” – I can confirm that FsHub is designed to be a stable but extensible platform (through the use of the APIs) and as such, the changes that I have made and will continue to work on into next month will be to provide better and accurate data as well as feature enhancements that fit within the principles of the platform.

Having spent this last week implementing some new features and improvements based on your feedback, I just wanted to inform you about some of the changes and updates that I have released this last month and that are now available to use, these changes and improvements are as follows:

  • Dark mode (theme)
    Users can now enable a “dark mode” theme for the site, you can do this by going to your Profile settings page and enabling the “Dark mode” option at the bottom of the page, once saved and you navigate away to another section of the site you’ll notice that your theme will now use the new dark mode – I’ll be making further improvements to this theme over the coming weeks but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out so far.

  • The ability to edit departure and arrival airports on flight reports
    Although FsHub does its best to calculate the airport that you landed at, sometimes there are just too many other airports or airfields near to where you took off from or landed at. In the past, I have manually updated flight reports for users when they’ve contacted me, however, from today all users can now edit their departure and/or arrival airport by opening up their Flight Report and clicking on the “Edit flight” button which will then give them the option to choose “the correct” departure or arrival ICAO (this list is limited to airports and fields that are within 30nm of the actual “take-off” or “touch down” co-ordinates.

    The screen where you can change this appears as follows:

  • The ability for users to set their aircraft ICAO type
    Some users had reported that *some* aircraft (on the radar map) do not display the type (ICAO code) for the aircraft and whilst FsHub has an algorithm for trying to match the aircraft to an ICAO code based on the aircraft’s label/metadata, this isn’t always possible (given that labels that are set by the designer/livery and such can sometimes be misleading etc) and therefore, I have now made it possible for users to set their ICAO codes for their aircraft which will in-turn correctly display them on the radar map.

    You may notice that when looking at your flight reports in future if FsHub was not able to match your aircraft to an ICAO code, you will get this heading at the top of the screen asking you to manually select it from a list:

    This process is really easy, simply click the link in the notification bar and then set the Aircraft ICAO code from the dropdown menu!

    Once you have set the ICAO code, FsHub will remember it for all future flights as well as set for all other aircraft that used the same metadata so fear not, you won’t have to do this every time.

    If you fly a lesser-known aircraft and you cannot find the ICAO code in the menu list, simply contact us and we will get it added in to the database and email you back to confirm you can reattempt this process (obviously just let us know the aircraft manufacturer, model and what you expect the ICAO code to be – we’ll attempt to cross-reference this information with the internet to ensure that the platform remains as accurate as possible).

  • Added missing country flag icons
    As reported by some users, the platform was missing a few flags (images) for several countries/regions which included Antarctica, The Isle of Man and Kosovo. I have now added these to the platform and they should now appear.

  • Numerous airport name, runway information and radio frequency updates
    I have made a whole host of database changes based on your feedback, there are way too many to note here but rest assured that the data issues that have been reported have now, for the most part, have been fixed. If you know of any other data issues, again, please contact us and we’ll get them sorted (these are generally just changes or runway number(s) or radio frequencies that naturally change over time).

  • Platform notification system changes
    I have updated the platform notification system so that all news is now linked to this blog which means that instead of me trying to cram all the information into a notification box that is very prominent on your dashboard screen, probably drive you mad and won’t disappear until I disable it – I am now also pleased to let you know that notification boxes (when you are logged in) can now be “dismissed” (using the “x” in the top right of the box), this will then permanently hide that particular notification from your dashboard once you’ve read it etc.

  • Added this blog!!
    This blog will serve as a place for me to provide more in-depth updates to you and more frequently (visit back to https://blog.fshub.io if you’re interested in reading about more updates that might not warrant a system notification tab), and whilst I have MANY more updates in the pipeline of which, I will update you on in due course.

Well guys, I *think* that’s pretty much all of the updates that I have added this week, there could be more 😉

Please, if you notice ANY issues with the system or changes that have been implemented please contact us ASAP with a screenshot and/or as much information as possible (eg a link to the affected flight report) and we’ll very quickly implement, test and release a patch to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Next month I plan to make major improvements to LRM Client software (yes a new release of that coming very soon too – An updated, modern interface with even more stats that can be fed into your flight reports), the radar and GPS maps to include colour coded aircraft based on altitude, as well as some other nice improvements for VA’s such as estimated trip time calculations…. plus a load more improvements that I’d rather you all wait to see (as I’m super excited)…. As per normal though, my priorities for this platform is to ensure it it’s stability and simplicity you can rest assured that all the changes I make will not impact either of those things and all “fancy” things can be opt-out/opt-in of via. the settings anyway.

I will post up new some new updates very soon guys – I hope you have a great weekend!

Lets us know what you think!