I’ve been hammering away with many more site updates and features to FsHub (that you may have already noticed) and this evening I am pleased to announce a new BETA release of LRM Client (v4.1.0).

This release adds support for capturing the g-forces, improving the “Landing Analysis Summary” as well as some other general optimisations and improvements.

As you might expect, the landing g-force is also captured and recorded on your flight report now too (that is, if you have configured LRM client to save your flight reports to FsHub and not just using LRM client in a “standalone”/offline mode)

Here is a screenshot of where the landing g-force now appears in your flight reports:

In addition to adding the g-force to your flight reports and the LRM stats window, it also contributes to the landing score summary and affects what is a “good landing”.

After doing some investigation around the internet, it would appear that:

  • g-forces < 1.6 are generally as you would expect/good and therefore the normal flight score logic will therefore apply based solely on the aircraft’s landing (FPM) rate.
  • g-forces > 1.65 is generally a very hard landing and apparently when (commercial) pilots exceed this value are pulled up by the air safety department. With this in mind, LRM will automatically trip the “Hard landing” score regardless of the vertical landing rate (FPM) value.
  • g-forces > 2.5 is a super hard and therefore a very concerning landing, that said, apparently Boeing’s specifications can safely handle up to this rate and therefore will automatically trip (regardless of the FPM) the “Concerning” score as this could be deemed as very dangerous.

The above “logic” is based on what I have found online from searching about, if you feel that this should/could be tweak to better provide a more realistic landing analysis score please do let me know and I can make the changes prior to releasing this version as “stable”.

As for what testing I have done on this beta release – I have tested this on many aircraft inside Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on over 50 short test flights and should equally work as expected in the other simulators that FsHub supports such as FSX, FSX:SE, XP11 and P3D etc; I plan to test this over the next few days in the other simulators regardless but wanted to offer the beta release to you guys too so you can help me test 🙂

I would really appreciate it if you have the time to test this new release, you can download the “beta” client from here.

To install, simply download the ZIP file, extract the installer and run it – this will overwrite your existing LRM client version (don’t worry though, you can always re-install the older version again if you want/you have issues) – You do not have to uninstall your existing client and I would recommend that you simply “upgrade” by just running the installer. You *may* have to re-add an FsHub API token however and re-configure your settings once you have installed the new update (so just be aware of that!)

If you discover any issues please log a “bug report” here and be sure to let me know what flight simulator you are using (eg. FSX, XP11, P3Dv5 etc.

As always, if you have any questions or want to feedback anything to me, please drop me a mesasge 🙂

Lets us know what you think!