Hello all, I hope you are well and enjoying the summer months!

I wanted to take the time to update you today on the new changes and features that have been released recently as well as what I’m working on next and what you can expect in the next couple of weeks…

The overview of improvements made recently are as follow (but detailed descriptions are included further down this in this blog post):

  1. New logbook filter and sort features
  2. GPS Tracker improvements
  3. New global stats and leader board feature
  4. Pilot menu updates
  5. Your “flight map” now appears on your public profile page too and so, you can now show off to your friends all of the amazing destinations you have visited!
  6. Webhooks now outputs a GeoJSON flight path (allowing webhook users to generate and create flight maps on their own websites etc)

New features

With regards to new features on the FsHub website and since my last post, you may have noticed some improvements to the GPS tracker, these being:

* The checkbox options for enabling/disabling “auto-centre” and “range rings” are now persistent (these states now are now saved to your personal settings) and will restore your previously used state when you next open the GPS tracker.

* The GPS tracker will now reposition your aircraft elegantly when you start the sim (previously this would “jump” your aircraft from your last known location to your new (simulator) location causing a direct line to appear on the GPS map).

In addition to the GPS tracker improvements, there is now a “global stats” and “leaderboard” page that can be accessed from the homepage of FsHub. You can access this page using the link titled “Want more stats?” but alternatively (and whilst you’re reading this blog post) you can use this direct link. The new leaderboard/global stats page shows many interesting statistics such as current users (by name) online, recent flights, top pilots by distance, flight hours and a total of flights this month as well as the top-ranked virtual airlines. In addition to these stats, the page also shows the top ten flights by aircraft type and the busiest airports by departure and arrival too!

As I continue to improve FsHub based on the user feedback gathered earlier this year, one of the main requested features was the ability to be able to filter and sort your pilot logbook and whilst up until now, I’ve been prioritising many other features and improvements (as well as the recent setup of our forums and discord server), I am pleased to announce that as of yesterday a new logbook filter feature has now been released and can be used.

You may also notice some small updates to the pilots’ menu too (top right-hand side of the browser screen) to help make it easier to access and filter your logbook entries without having to go via. your public profile page.

If you would like to try out the new logbook filter features, I have prepared some screenshots below that to explain how to access and use the feature (it should, however, be pretty self-explanatory):

Click on the “Pilot menu” from the top right of the FsHub website and click on “My Logbook”.
Click on the “Filter this logbook?” link to display the filter and sort options…
You can then filter and search your logbook as you desire (you can now also search by a date range too – despite the screenshot being a few hours old!)

Although there have probably been many other smaller and backend-specific improvements to FsHub over the last month that I have developed, released and subsequently then forgotten about, the aforementioned features and improvements are the most notable and user-facing 🙂

What’s next?

The major features that I will be working on next are centered around a new release of the LRM client (detailed below) but in addition, I will also be adding the following features to FsHub website too:

  1. Personal stats tab on your pilot profile (eg. stats about your flights by aircraft type, most flown routes, top landings by FPM and many more)
  2. Clicking on an aircraft on the radar to automatically shown the previous path it has already flown (instead of just where it is currently)

If you’ve been watching the forums or you are a member of our discord server, you will have noticed that I have been releasing several new beta releases of the next FsHub client (this is effectively to test “rolling” changes for the upcoming major new release of the LRM client).

Clorix (our Head of Support) has also organised a new team of volunteer “test pilots” on our Discrod Server to help test and feedback on the new and upcoming LRM Client (v4.3.0) which I shall be heavily concentrating on over the next couple of weeks, the features that have already been implemented into the latest “development” version are as follows:

  1. G-forces now recorded at landing.
  2. Ability to add a flight plan through the client (optional)
  3. Ability to import a flight plan through the client using a SimBreif XML plan file (optional).
  4. Ability to import a flight plan through the client using a LittleNavMap file (optional).
  5. Ability to import a flight plan through one of your virtual airlines company routes (optional).
  6. Selecting a VA route to import will now display a pop-up windows and containing any route notes that your VA owner has added to the specific choosen company route (if applicable) – This is a nice way to give information to your pilots before flying the route!
  7. More (optional) sound effects (eg. pushback safety message, arrival message, screaming on “bad” landings).
  8. Ability to automatically disable cabin sounds for light aircraft.
  9. All known bugs and issues resolved.

Other new features (that I have yet to complete) but will be worked on and completed in the next couple of weeks prior to the next and final BETA release of LRM v4.3.0 and finally being publically released as “stable, are as planned:

  1. When selecting a virtual airline as your “duty airline” the client will “transform” it’s visual style to use your virtual airline’s icon and colour scheme (if an icon and colour scheme has been setup by your VA owner).
  2. The long awaited **EFB** – The majority of this is actually already completed but there is still have a few things I need to finalise. As a reminder, this feature will allow you to connect your tablet, phone or other computers to your main simulator and will be able to get your aircraft’s LIVE (instant) GPS position (unlike the web-based GPS which updates only once every so many seocnds) updates as well as access your charts that you have been uploading and been “collecting” in your FsHub “charts bag”. The moving map will also allow you to see taxiways and runway numbers too (making for easy navigation at airports). It will have an integrated notebook, chart browser, METAR and airport lookup facility too!
  3. Ability to “set” your aircraft’s ICAO designation (if it cannot be automatically matched) – Previously you could only do this AFTER you landed by editing the flight report!
  4. Ability to “set” a custom sound pack for your aircraft (eg. if you have an EasyJet sound pack, you can specify (and assign) it to use that specific sound pack for that aircraft/livery through an easy to use window in the client.
  5. Ability to switch which sound pack you want to use via. the client (if you haven’t already specified and “set” one for the current aircarft.

That’s it guys – that’s all the news and updates I have for you this month and I hope that my next post (due out at the end of July or early August) will be full of great news and hopefully the BETA testing of LRM 4.3.0 will be well underway by that time and a public release date for LRM 4.3.0 should be set!

If you are keen to keep up on the latest news (which is less formal than the format of these blog posts) please be sure to join our new discord server and forums too – there is already a handful of very friendly and regular users that are happy to help with any questions you may have on Discord 🙂 – We also find it super fun to share and show off our in-sim screenshots too 😀

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as normal, if you would like to contact us with feedback, questions or suggestions you can contact us via. our forums, discord server or via. private message.

Lets us know what you think!