As you may have noticed, there have been a few minor updates to FsHub this week, one of which is the new video background on the homepage (if you haven’t seen it yet, please go and check it out – you may have to refresh your browser cache if it doesn’t immediately show up!

With so many people uploading amazing screenshots to FsHub (which are visible on both flight reports and in our discord server), I thought it might be nice to involve the community too in helping to create a number of short intro sequences for the FsHub homepage – the idea being that one of these video sequences will be randomly shown when someone visits the FsHhub homepage.

So, what am I after and how can you get involved?

Well, if you are using MSFS 2020, XP11 or later versions of P3D (the quality of other simulators like FSX etc is just too outdated though for the video quality that I’m after) and, if you would be happy to record some sections of your flights (ideally using OBS) then I’d love for you to upload and share them with me so that I can edit them together and make short intro sequences that will be included in the randomly selected pool of background visuals for the FsHub website.

What kind of video clips am I looking for?

  • Landings/touchdowns etc.
  • Rotation (take off) clips
  • Wing views showing beautiful scenery and weather formations (maybe sunsets too)
  • Window views (looking out)
  • Transitioning through clouds
  • On-approach (nearing the runway)
  • Taxiing
  • Pushback
  • Ground services working around the aircraft/baggage loading etc.

Note: I don’t really want a ton of in-cockpit views (as us simmers see enough cockpit views whilst we’re flying anyways :)) and therefore ideally all of the above would be external views of the aircraft!!

Note: There is no limit on the types of aircraft that I’m looking for and I would ideally like a selection of all types of aircraft (to demonstrate that FsHub is inclusive of all types of aircraft)

In return (if your clips or part of your clips are used), I will ensure that a full list of credits (usernames and links to your profiles) are credited and linked to on the website. For those that go far and beyond (eg. amazing high-quality footage, great scenery, liveries etc and really have spent a ton of time/effort making great clips/panning in etc) I will also send them several “FsHub” vinyl stickers (to anywhere in the world) – I recently got a load done on Stickermule!

I’m hoping to make about 10 videos (all being under a minute long) and will be cutting between various phases of the flight from startup, taxiing, take off, mid-flight to the landing.

I think it could be a fun little “community project” and I hope many of you can get involved and help contribute video clips for this project!

Hopefully, all video clips can be submitted to me BEFORE this coming Thursday (October 28th 2021)!

You can use this page to upload your video files (screen recordings) – please upload as many video files as you want! Just pay attention to the 1GB file upload limit (per file) and I would therefore recommend that you record multiple files and then upload them separately – don’t worry as I will edit them all together anyway 🙂

If you have any questions about this or want to run an idea past me then please join our Discord server and ask in there, you could also post a message somewhere in the forums or, alternatively use the built-in Contact Us page (if you don’t have or prefer not to create a Discord or forum account) and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy recording and I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful video clips you guys upload and editing them together into some great video sequences for the FsHub homepage!

Lets us know what you think!