Ahead of the Christmas period and with the recent release of Rovaniemi (EFRO) by MK-Studios I decided to build in a new “achievement” system into FsHub this week of which is capable of time-based “events” as well as global (all year round) pilot achievement flights in addition to “grouped” (multi-leg/multi-achievement) achievements.

This is our first-ever “event” and pilot obtainable achievement on FsHub and hopefully the first of many…

This particular achievement (event) is “time-bound” and as such, FsHub users who would like to obtain this “special edition” achievement must complete the achievement between Saturday 18th and Friday the 31st of December 2021.

Let us tell you a little more about Lapland and Rovaniemi airport (EFRO)…

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, a sparsely populated area bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. It’s known for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Capital Rovaniemi is the gateway to the region. The homeland of the indigenous Sami people, which extends into neighboring countries, centers on the far north. 

Rovaniemi is known for Santa Claus Village and Santa Park which is located near the airport as well as very cold winters and demanding weather conditions.

Rovaniemi (EFRO) airport is located in northern Finland and serves the local town as well as the local Christmas tourist attractions commonly known as “Lapland”.

Many European airlines fly young families up to Rovaniemi in December to see “Santa Claus” but flights by Finnair are carried out to and from Helsinki all year round too.

Rovaniemen Airport is the third busiest airport in Finland, located about 10 kilometres (6nm) from the city centre and a fun fact… the Arctic Circle crosses the airport runway at its northern end!

The video is used for demonstration purposes ONLY (not to advertise or recommend this payware scenery package specifically!) you can use the standard scenery included in your simulator of choice or download and use the freeware scenery that I have linked below too!

In return for participating in the event, all FsHub users will receive a special edition emblem on their pilot profile for having taken part.

The details of your flight, any screenshots you take and your pilot details will then appear along with the other participants on the “event” details page.

How do you participate in the event? – You can quite simply visit the achievement details page, read the details and in particular, ensure that your flight adheres to the “criteria” section (for this particular event you simply need to fly to and land at the airport (from any airport of your choice) but you must ensure that your flight distance is greater than 80nm – there is no restriction on the aircraft type either).

Upon completion of the flight, you will automatically obtain the special edition emblem which will appear on your public pilot profile which you can proudly show off!

In preparation for this event, I have uploaded a bunch of official charts to the airport information page which can be added to your flight case (and viewed through the new AeroPad EFB that we released in LRM v5) for the event and can be found here.

Want to grab some custom scenery files? For MSFS users, there is a fantastic freeware scenery pack over at Flightsim.to. X-Plane 11 users can take a look at this free scenery pack that I found too. Personally, I think I’ll be grabbing a copy of the new MK-Studio’s payware airport as it looks amazing!

Updated: An FsHub user (CoderDede) has also contacted us with a link to download the scenery for P3D users too, you can grab it here: https://files.fsnordic.net/rovaniemi-efro-revisited-version-3

As always, It would be amazing if all participants could take screenshots at the airport or on approach and share (by uploading to their flight report) so they will automatically be included in the Event details page’s screenshots section.

If you have any questions about the event or want to know more about what we have planned for the new achievements’ system, please drop by our Discord server!

We hope to see you in Lapland very soon!

Lets us know what you think!