We are pleased to report several updates that have been made to the FsHub platform since the new year, these updates include:

  • Display of geo-tagged screenshots on flight report maps (remember you must enable Screenshot Geo-tagging in LRM client first though!)
  • The airport information pages now have a “Screenshots” tab which uses geo-tagged screenshots to populate these automatically.
  • Flight and route map style improvements.
  • Display of, and links to any virtual airlines/flying groups on the pilot’s public profile page that he or she is a member of.
  • Several bug fixes as reported by some users – one such issue is that you can now plan a flight that departs and arrives at the same airport (great for some of the new “training captain” achievements)!

In addition to new platform updates, and as promised in the last blog post update (we mentioned that we would continue to add new achievements throughout the year) we decided that given this week’s Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update, we thought we would add a handful of Australian flight achievements to give you yet another reason to go and fly in the region (if it’s not somewhere that you’d normally fly or explore!)

In addition to the Australian flight achievements, we are also pleased to announce that we have published our first ever FsHub user-contributed achievement. The achievement is named “California Coast” and will see you explore some of the best locations and well-known airports that exist in California. A big thanks to CIVA008Jim for submitting the achievement to us!

And finally, we are super excited to announce our second time-based “event” achievement named “Love Is In the Air 2022” – This time the theme is St. Valentine’s Day and will see all those who choose to participate and obtain this one-off achievement fly into Paris (LFPG – Charles-de-Gaulle International Airport) which is affectionately known as “The City of Love.” This event will be going live on 7th of February and will run until the 21st of February giving those pilots who cannot fly on the actual St. Valentine’s Day (the 14th February) the opportunity to!

All the new achievements are now available on your Achievements Page and ready for you to explore the criteria for each!

We look forward to informing you of more FsHub updates next month but for now, we hope you enjoy the new achievements and other improvements we’ve made to FsHub since the new year – Hopefully we’ll see you all in Paris between the 7th and 21st too 🙂

Lets us know what you think!