Seasons greetings to you all!

This year has seen many new major features and changes to the FsHub platform and going into next year we have so many new, unique and amazing features planned and coming soon (as mentioned in previous blog posts)!

Over the Christmas period (23rd December to the 2nd of January), we will halt deploying any new features and tweaks to the main FsHub platform to ensure that it remains stable over, what we expect to be a very busy time for our platform.

Myself on the other hand (ballen), will be concentrating, during this time, on the isolated development and testing (another great excuse for me to complete some of the other achievements that I’m still yet to obtain ;)) of the much requested and anticipated SimConnect version of the LRM client and expect to have it fully stable and released by the 2nd of January – so you can all expect this very soon 🙂

The support team (including myself) will also be on-hand to help with any issues as normal so please feel free to reach out whether that’s via. our Discord server or using our other official contact methods!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and festive holiday season and hope that you all have a great and relaxing time with your family and friends during this very special time of the year!

If you’re stuck for places to fly or things to do over Christmas (although we highly encourage you to spend it with your loved ones) we have recently released several new achievements that you might like to fly and earn – our Christmas 2022 “special event” is still available to be completed too at this time but will expire on the 31st of December so be sure to fly that one specifically if you don’t want to miss out on this unique achievement/badge – so far we’ve had a total of 112 pilots complete this 🙂

In addition to the above, on Christmas day itself, the three random “Daily Challenges” will be overridden to target specific holiday/Christmas airport locations and so, you can be assured of a festive daily challenge flight should you choose to fly on Christmas day 🙂

The daily challenges on Christmas day will be as follows:-

Short flight:
EFIV (Ivalo, Finland) > EFRO (Rovameni, Finland) – GA to Lapland!

Medium flight:
CYZF (Yellowknife, Canada) > CYWJ (Deline, Canada) – Buffalo Airways “Polar Express” route.

Long flight:
LFPG (Paris, France) > KORD (Chicago, USA) – “Getting home to Kevin” Inspired by the film “Home Alone”!

Special “Daily Flight Challenges” for Christmas Day!

I look forward to updating you in my next blog post in the new year with what I expect will be the announcement and immediate availability of the new, much anticipated SimConnect client (for MSFS users).

We hope you have a great Christmas/Holiday season!

Best wishes and season’s greetings to you and your families…

Bobby (ballen) and the the FsHub support team (Clorix, thunfischbaum and Aurora)

Lets us know what you think!