It’s been a while since my last blog post/update but with good reason – behind the scenes, I have been working tirelessly (between work and other real-world commitments) to bring you all the next generation of the LRM client.

Progress on the next-gen LRM client

For those of you of whom are unaware of what the LRM client actually is (or does), the LRM client is the aircraft tracking software that is installed on your PC and, during flight is sending data back to the main FsHub platform.

As you may know, in the past, the LRM client has used FSUIPC/XPUIPC as “middleware” to communicate with the flight simulator (FSX, MSFS2020, P3D and X-Plane).

Whilst updates to the main FsHub platform have been plentiful and frequent during 2022, the most recent user surveys highlighted that users wanted more of my time and effort to go into improving the LRM client and more specifically to “do away with” FSUIPC.

The last few months I have dedicated almost all of my time to working on a completely overhauled and modern replacement for the LRM client, whilst I’m getting nearer to a release date, I have taken the conscious decision not to rush a release out and ensure that major new features are implemented correctly “from the get go”, I have also taken time to ensure that the new LRM client will be compatible (through the use of a decoupled WASM module) for XBox users once this is fully supported by Microsoft.

The new client has an overhauled (modern) UI and offers out-of-the-box support for SimConnect and X-Plane’s API – in addition to “pluggable” support for FSUIPC too for users who prefer to continue to use FSUIPC as a data connector.

Whilst I will be going on a much-needed holiday in a couple of weeks, once I’m back, I will be full steam ahead to get this released for initial public beta testing… I have personally been testing this in an isolated test environment up until now and have amassed over 100 flight hours. The software seems to work flawlessly (Which is a great sign that a public beta should go without many issues).

New features and user requests for FsHub

In addition to working on the new LRM client, where issues or “bugs” have cropped up and been reported, I have ensured that they have been fixed and pushed to the FsHub platform.

Some of you may have also noticed several new features around the FsHub website over the last few weeks and other improvements of which I will be blogging more specifically in a couple of weeks’ time.

Whilst we do get many requests in via. Discord, at the moment at least, please can I ask that you use the Contact Form on the FsHub website instead (as this will automatically raise a “ticket” which I can then easily convert into a “Feature Request” into our tracking system and saves me having to try to remember individual requests of which, do easily get lost amongst other Discord chats.

Valentine’s day 2023 special event

JimG has published our 2023 valentines “special event” which will see pilots (of whom wish to obtain this time-limited achievement/badge) visit the Italian city of Venice!

The achievement is set to go live on the 7th of February 2023 and will run through until the 21st of February 2023 – so be sure to fly the achievement within this time period as it will not be awarded after this time.

More information about this can be found on the official achievement page here:

I’m looking forward to the 2023!

I’ll be honest with you, working on the LRM client really isn’t much fun 😀 The client really serves the purpose to get your flight data into the main FsHub platform (which is where the real magic happens!), I’m working extremely hard to get this released so that I can then turn my attention back to the more impressive features that FsHub can and will provide in the future.

So rest assured, over the coming months, my promises of a full-blown economy system will still very much be coming and implemented alongside the main FsHub platform for those that wish to participate and use it.

In the mean time, I would like to pay special thanks to Clorix, thunfischbaum, Aurora and JimG for stepping up and helping in the Discord server with general support issues whilst I’ve tried to not get too distracted which would otherwise make the release of the new LRM client delayed further.

I look forward to providing you with more updates and some awesome screenshots very soon!

Bobby & the FsHub Team

Lets us know what you think!