Microsoft and Asobo are due to release World Update XII later today. As per tradition at FsHub for a while now, we have carefully crafted a couple of achievements to help celebrate this release and give you a “guided tour” (with some backstory) of the new bespoke airports.

We have split our tour of the new bespoke airports in this world update into two multi-leg achievements; one covering the North Island and the other, the South Island.

The achievement details can be found here:

Flying these two achievements will ensure that you visit all 7 of the new bespoke airports provided in this world update and, in addition, will earn you a couple of new flight achievement badges for your FsHub profile 🙂

We hope that you enjoy these new achievements – be sure to share your screenshots in your flight logs too.

Happy release day everyone!

See you in the skies very soon!

Lets us know what you think!